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Prof. Madya Dr. Kumara Thevan A/l Krishnan Profile Page
Name :  Prof. Madya Dr. Kumara Thevan A/l Krishnan
Designation :  Profesor Madya
Phone Number/ Ext :  09-9477481/10760
Email :  thevan@umk.edu.my
Department : Fakulti Industri Asas Tani
Qualifications : Ijazah Doktor Falsafah (IJAZAH DOKTOR FALSAFAH ENTOMOLOGI FORENSIK) (Universiti Sains Malaysia)
Nov 2012 - Nov 2013 : Abundance of banana pseudostem weevil [ Odoiporus longicollis Olivier (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)] and its management practice by a small scale cultivator
Dec 2012 - Dec 2014 : Thermoregulation and colony structure of stingless bee, Trigona (Heterotrigona) thoracica (Hymenoptera: Apidae, Meliponini).
Jan 2014 - Jan 2015 : Nesting structure and maturation of stingless bee, Trigona (Heterotrigona) itama Cockerell (Hymenoptera: Apidae, Meliponini) colonies and their capacity as honey producer
Jan 2015 - Jan 2017 : Control Efficacy of Insecticides on Whitefly, Jassid, Thrips, Aphids on Brinjal and Long Bean in Malaysia
Aug 2016 - Aug 2019 : Evaluation of Blaptica dubia as kitchen waste decomposer and a potential source source of protein for livestock
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